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Yi Hyun has dinner with Doo Rim in which he guides over to wade look on a wedding ring

Yi Hyun has dinner with Doo Rim in which he guides over to wade look on a wedding ring

She jokes he you will definitely never ever but he repeats issue again

Exactly what the whut? Aren’t your moving faster compared to speed away from light, guy? The guy dates back on the desk and you will finds out Doo Rim speaking with her halmoni. She requires to talk to Yi Hyun in which he requires brand new cellular telephone and extremely courteously claims halmoni one to he’s going to manage from Doo Rim. After the guy hangs in the cellular telephone, the guy requires Doo Rim just what she’ll create in the event the he had been ulterior aim toward the woman. Doo Rim sees he’s not food and asks him to consume while he simply possess watching the girl. Yi Hyun states the food Doo Rim helps make ‘s the tastiest. She proposes to plan to possess him non-stop after she opens up the new cafe.

Yi Hyun is going to take-out the band and i suppose want to Doo Rim (again whut?) when their cellular telephone groups off Chairman Ma calling. They’re going family and you can Chairman Ma reveals that Doo Rim provides to help you imagine becoming Yi Kyung and you can wade select Kang Joo who has got launched that he is stop the fresh involvement. She says Doo Rim must’ve complete something to distressed Kang Joo. Yi Hyun is disappointed Doo Rim has been dragged back into this and you may does not want their to do it. President Ma is not blaming Doo Rim but simply wants Doo Rim to determine what happened so it can be repaired. Yi Hyun says Yi Kyung can deal with they by herself however, Chairman Ma reveals Yi Kyung is actually happy about any of it turn off situations and you will does not want to solve they.

Yi Hyun storms over to talk to Yi Kyung and finds the lady loading a bag to go stay-in its house. The guy purchases their to stay put here and you can handle the woman individual state! Yi Kyung cries you to definitely she will not understand what doing and this woman is attempted their most readily useful. She cried and you can begged Kang Joo never to log off, she expected your just what she did completely wrong, but she will not understand what more she will create any longer. Yi Hyun guides from Yi Kyung’s room discover Doo Rim outside throughout the hall and she agrees to go pick Kang Joo.

He’s going to become doing what their mom wishes anyhow as well as been able to utilize this condition to take Doo Rim straight back

Kang Joo are sitting together with parents and awkwardly declares that he dumped Yi Kyung and finished their engagement today. Mom try pissed but Dad requires what his reasoning was? Kang Joo states the guy doesn’t want a married relationship it is not built to the real feelings and you will asks their mothers in order are Indianapolis, IN mail order brides real to value his wants. The guy would go to their room leaving his parents deciding things to perform next. Mother thinks they fought and would go to speak certain sense to your Kang Joo.

Kang Joo’s mom uses your so you’re able to their area and you can tells him that marriage is not child’s gamble. Kang Joo claims his mommy knows exactly why he concluded the fresh new engagement and then proposes to give Roo Mi regarding it.

Kang Joo’s mommy phone calls President Ma and you can ensures the woman it’s all simply a misunderstanding together with marriage have a tendency to nevertheless move ahead. She apologizes to have Kang Joo being also painful and sensitive not too long ago away from working way too hard. These are incredibly bogus it is revolting.

Chairman Ma comes to an end the woman label which have Kang Joo’s mommy and you may tells Yi Kyung one to Kang Joo’s mommy is not enabling him prevent brand new engagement you to definitely easily.

Yi Hyun falls Doo Rim out-of on Taeyang Emporium and you will the guy asks in the event the she actually is okay and gives the lady several other opportunity to straight back aside. The guy guarantees the lady this is not the lady obligation. Doo Rim thinks Chairman Ma is correct, the new wedding had blown not all months after Yi Kyung returned if in case she was presented with she wouldn’t be confident very she’d instead you will need to assist. Doo Rim minds to the if you are Yi Hyun appears of all let down.

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