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The encircling epidermis is not affected and does not be thinner otherwise painful and sensitive during pigment removal therapy

The encircling epidermis is not affected and does not be thinner otherwise painful and sensitive during pigment removal therapy

Pigmented protection laserlight

Laserlight beams penetrate the skin breaking the pigments on to quick granules, immediately after which the fresh white-blood cells will get rid of these pigmented granules, therefore reducing black colored places and you may preventing the pigments from becoming deep. Effortless and you will brilliant epidermis are the treatment efficiency.

Pigmented elimination laserlight

The laser draws the new pigment from the epidermis to disclose good easy and shining skin. The newest utilisation of certain coloration treatment laser could possibly dissuade the growth off melanin coloration; that it limitations the development of black marks (PIH) and you can inhibits the latest darkening out of pigments.

The outcomes?

It will take in the step 3 solutions to recuperate the fresh damaged pigments aside of the skin. The fresh new white brown places begin to disappear in addition to overall appearance of your skin brightens.

Patient’s Cures during the BSL Medical center

A patient presented to BSL Clinic’s dermatologists for treating some epidermis standards together with freckles, hori’s nevus and seborrheic keratosis which have spreading around the one another the girl cheekbones.

Freckles, Hori’s Nevus and you will Seborrheic Keratosis: The reason the surface of the body are bumpy flow from on the malfunction inside melanin coloration.

Depend on Increase

The patient presented to BSL Clinic which have each other freckles and you can solar lentigo skin criteria to possess treatment. She became awkward in the public affairs and had anxiety in the fulfilling new people. Previously she heavily utilized generate-up foundations so you’re able to keep hidden the lady skin requirements, however, this was maybe not an extended-name solution. After undergoing treatment, it introduced confident results for their because person’s freckles and solar power lentigo reduced. It provided individual yet another-located sense of care about-confidence.

  • Skin disorder will likely be notably increased
  • Bright and you will easy epidermis in features
  • Zero expected downtime
  • Body thinning does not exist shortly after treatment
  • Freckles will disappear shortly after treatment
  • A very secure medication
  • A long-label provider

Popular Version of Body Hyperpigmentation

Freckle (ephelis) – brief, flat and you may light brownish places looking on the skin. It’s deep inside the along with compared to the close epidermis. Obtaining facial skin constantly met with this new sun’s Uv (UV) radiation will increase the new density away from freckles. It’s are not utilized in people with reasonable, white hair and hГёye enslige kvinner i nГ¦rheten av meg skin complexions. It’s marketed along the cheekbones, nose, deal with, neck and you can higher sleeve areas.

Hori’s nevus – white brown spots and discovered in females regarding Asian origins between the years from 20 to thirty years dated. It is found on each party over the cheekbones.

Solar power lentigo – brownish locations looking for the deal with, sleeve, straight back of hand or section met with sunlight and that is included in middle-aged and you may more mature individuals.


Particular kind of advanced laserlight technology is used to the cures out-of freckles, hori’s nevus and solar lentigo. A portion of the types of advanced development used because of the BSL Clinic was the mixture of your own pigment avoidance and you can pigment removing lasers. The new laser draws the new pigment from the body to reveal a beneficial easy and you can glowing skin tone. The newest utilisation off particular pigment lasers is able to discourage the fresh development of melanin pigmentation, limits the development of black scratching (PIH) and you will suppress the newest darkening from pigments.

Pigment cosmetic laser treatments can also be heal freckles because of getting rid of melanin pigment, the explanation for freckles. A mix of the pigment avoidance and pigment elimination takes approx 3 services generate the latest diminishing regarding pigments.

Treating hori’s nevus have to be managed effortlessly thanks to BSL Clinic’s extremely educated skin experts to achieve achievements. Laser beams penetrate your skin layer breaking the pigments down into small granules; following, new white blood tissue will eradicate these pigmented granules, reducing black colored locations and you can avoiding the pigments away from to-be darker. The nearby facial skin isn’t impacted and won’t end up being leaner or delicate throughout pigment therapy. Simple and you may bright body ‘s the cures efficiency. It requires about 6 service to extract brand new damaged pigments out of the skin.

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