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Following unbelievable feat, whenever you are adhering to Minister Uptala, Lin Feng learned about the issue of one’s Celestial Nation

Following unbelievable feat, whenever you are adhering to Minister Uptala, Lin Feng learned about the issue of one’s Celestial Nation

Lin Feng is as an alternative unbelievable while in Hell although on a battle for a small Industry, the guy and Jian Mang been able to profit the fight of your own Mid-Level Emperors. Comprehending that he’d to increase his energy for the a preliminary time frame, he adamantly asked to visit so that as no matter if Minister Uptala was unwilling, the guy acquiesced and you will invited Lin Feng going. During the Celestial Nation, Lin Feng because of life and death battles was able to up-date their comprehension of Deployment Spells, Existence powers and you may Demise vitality as well. He had been easily hired to participate the Jalacandra Fairyland in accordance with particular support, went out to understand more about the Celestial Nation. When you are investigating, the guy finished up conference Aoxu, who after summoning the latest dragon out of Lin Feng’s human body, Aomo, got these to this new Milky-Ways Battleground. Truth be told there they discovered this new Pathfinder Peak , and you will Lin Feng ran inside for the a bid to ensure their road. Immediately following successfully passage from Pathfinder Top, the brand new Celestial Nation is besieged of the forces of your Nine Clouds Region, and additionally that from Winner School contributed because of the Ji Chang. Lin Feng arranged the fresh resistance whenever the newest gate to depart the fresh Celestial Nation unsealed once more, he easily remaining to create reinforcements.

Coming back regarding Heck

Once leaving the fresh new Celestial Nation, Lin Feng is actually came across of the Shichuan , vice minister on Uptala district. While traveling with Shichuan, Lin Feng was made familiar with the problem you to Jian Mang had fell into, which fundamentally contributed to the fresh new simply take regarding Qing Qing. Lin Feng next orchestrated plans that would allow for the fresh avoid regarding himself and Qing Qing, but in https://datingmentor.org/escort/irvine/ the course of time is compelled to go back. Eventually, both Qing Qing and you may Minister Uptala quit its life in order to make sure the way forward for Lin Feng, having Minister Uptala flipping himself for the a path of one’s Way Uptala Lotus. Together with his last energies, the guy made it Lin Feng to help you coverage, simply for Lin Feng become met by Juzi of the Demon Clan . Lin Feng gone back to the brand new Demon Clan and you may kidnapped Yama Hua, the new partner away from Juzi so you can provide himself some freedom within the Demon Clan, prior to stealing the Devil Pool and and come up with their in the past so you’re able to the newest entry of the Celestial Country. When he registered the brand new Celestial Country, he put out Yama Hua, keeping their promise. Immediately following on the Demon Residential property, the guy put-out Jian Mang out-of his inner business plus the one or two of these slaughtered their way along the Milky Ways Battleground. Ultimately it stumbled across Aoxu. Today, Lin Feng’s duplicate is actually killed as the competition out of Tiantai as opposed to brand new Moonlight Classification happened. After recovery their soul injuries, the 3 of those fundamentally caused it to be toward exit from the fresh Ebony Night Area, where they utilized Aoxu’s Dragon Clan background to help you get-off.

Tiantai in place of Ji Chang’s Club

While the Lin Feng, Aoxu and you may Jian Mang battled on the Celestial Nation, the journeyed on the leave of the Celestial Country towards Holy Town, while traveling, they taken place abreast of Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi informed her or him one to Ji Chang got pion of your Holy Urban area and you can perform hence be which have a celebratory feast. Lin Feng donned a breathing apparatus then all of them visited the feast. If you’re truth be told there, they humiliated the newest Ji Clan, which have Jian Mang blinding Ji Wuyou along the way right after which they kept. On to the school, Lin Feng said that they will solve its activities in the extreme service into the school. At the time of your maximum service, Lin Feng added Tiantai, also Jian Mang and you can Aoxu so you can eliminate the people of Stone Classification and cripple the brand new members of Ji Chang’s pub. Lin Feng do at some point competition Ji Chang in order to good standstill and you will ergo feel considered once the a valuable asset of Champ School. Ji Chang told Lin Feng which he perform continue to the new battle for the Pathfinder Day of this new Imperial Ranking Number and you will the 2 organizations next spreading.

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