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What makes dangerous relationships are addictive?

What makes dangerous relationships are addictive?

4. Beautiful and you may Cold

Every signs of poisonous relationship would-be split towards this concept. Gorgeous and you will cold. In case the fighting is bound – particular attacking is match to a diploma – and you may everything is basically calm, then you’ve got a wholesome matchmaking.

If it is usually very sensuous and you can cold, you’ve got an undesirable relationships. Poisonous dating try gorgeous and you may cold since that is what means they are harmful. High like and you will dislike. There’s a large rush whenever things are high and you will a large crash when they bring. That is followed from the fascination with you to rush again.

When you’re constantly assaulting right after which making up, up coming attacking once again, following creating, you are in a toxic matchmaking. It is a fact one harmful matchmaking is the extremely romantic. For this reason people remain in him or her.

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